Our Story

Core Values

  • Promoting positivity and faith.
  • Practice appreciating all the blessings life gives us, whether big or small, both good or bad.
  • Constantly striving to be a blessing to others by helping them however one can.
  • Always giving back to the community.



Be blessed. was created and founded by Keenan McKinney in 2020 in Fort Worth, TX. Being a US Navy Veteran with no fashion background, he always found himself drawn to the desire of dressing well. It grew into a passion of his because he found that when he looked good, he felt good overall, and that was a feeling he constantly craved. Be blessed. is so much deeper than the words permanently inked onto his wrist; it’s a lifestyle.


Keenan has been a kindhearted, selfless person since his childhood. He often could be found helping the elderly neighbors with their trash, lending a hand to a stranger, and giving back to those in need in his community whether on a personal level or through volunteering. He is constantly striving to uplift those around him and always does his best to put smiles on the faces of those who are blessed enough to cross his path. He is humble and values his blessings; understanding and appreciating everything he has been given. He never takes anything in his life for granted and is always looking for ways to extend those blessing to others.


Be blessed. is providing faith based urban apparel with only the highest quality products. Be blessed. items are meant to stand out and let that light of yours shine as bright as possible.